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CPHR International is dedicated to setting high standards in the field of Human Resources. We are the go-to authority for HR certifications, and our certifications became synonymous with excellence and credibility in the industry. HR practitioners in the Philippines and Filipinos from around the world began seeking our certifications to validate their expertise and differentiate themselves in the competitive job market.
The certification programs have been designed meticulously to cater to HR professionals at various stages of their careers, allowing them to progress from entry-level certifications to master-level designations. Each program's comprehensive curriculum and requirements ensure that HR practitioners gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and recognition to excel in their respective domains, contribute to organizational success, and lead the way in shaping the future of Human Resources.
Become a Certified Practitioner
About us

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CPHR International-certified practitioners are equipped with up-to-date industry knowledge and best practices, ensuring they remain well-informed about evolving HR trends and compliance requirements across different industries. As the global workforce becomes increasingly diverse, cross-cultural competency becomes a critical skill for HR practitioners to navigate complex workplace dynamics effectively. CPHR International-certified practitioners have international perspective to not only enrich their problem-solving abilities but also positions them as valuable assets for organizations with a diverse workforce or operations in multiple countries. Becoming CPHR International-certified serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth, enabling HR practitioners to demonstrate their expertise on a global stage while contributing to the success and effectiveness of their organizations.

Enhanced Credibility
Enhance your credibility as an HR practitioner signaling employers and colleagues that you have met international standards of knowledge and expertise in the field.
Competency and Skills
Achieving a certification from CPHR International signifies that you possess a certain level of competence and skill in various HR domains, including employment laws, human capital, and organizational development.
Professional Network
Attend conferences and engage in networking events while building a reliable network within the HR community leading to valuable collaborations, mentorship, and access to a broader range of resources.
Lifelong Learning
Pursuing a certification through CPHR International encourages commitment to continuous professional development, ensuring that HR professionals stay abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and best practices.

Network Accreditations


Mutual Recognitions

American National Standards Institute

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standards and conformity assessment system. Founded in 1918, ANSI represents the interests of more than 270,000 companies and organizations and 30 million professionals worldwide. ANSI recognizes the International HR Institute as an  Organization Member and provides discounted training and service rates to all certificants.

Global Skills Development Council

The Global Skill Development Council (GSDC) is an independent, vendor-neutral, international credentialing and certification organization for professionals. GSDC operates globally with headquarters in the United States, Switzerland, and Singapore. GSDC certifies and mutually recognizes the following recognition from CPHR International: Certified Practitioner in Human Resources (CPHR®) and Certified HR Business Partner (cHRBP®).


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